Mounted Glass Boards

Mounted magnetic glass whiteboards are fixed to a wall or vertical surface, providing a permanent and stationary writing solution. Whiteboards offer several advantages and features that make them a popular choice in offices, classrooms, meeting rooms, and professional environments.

Espen – Wall Mounted

Presenting the perfect collaborative addition to any modern office, classroom, or conference area: FXR Glass Wall-Mounted Glass Boards. Their sleek, frameless design elevates the look of any room while still providing a durable, functional surface for use with wet and dry erase markers. Made of sturdy tempered glass, they resist stains and ghosting. A magnetic surface also doubles as a convenient bulletin board. Invisible mounting hardware (Z Clip) offers easy installation and helps maintain a sleek, upscale aesthetic.

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Solea – Custom Glass Boards

Low Iron Back Painted Glass, can be magnetic or none magnetic. Colors are choosing from the Sherman William color catalog. This product is ideal to entrances, lobby’s and common areas. Please contact us for pricing on your project, due to the infinite options this product will need be quoted per project.

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Tyson – Industrial Steel Board

The name itself should describle this product. Raw Steel Sheet, magnet and marker friendly. This will give your office a industrial look, aesthetically pleasing for warehouses, project rooms and great communication board.

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Corcho – Custom Cork Boards

Cork Board, ideal for breakrooms, project rooms or office. Use it for Message Center, Inspiration Board, Photo Display, Memories, Organize Projects, Planner, Calendar – options are endless.

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Pelicula – Films and Tints

Glass films are thin, self-adhesive sheets that can be applied to glass surfaces, such as windows and glass doors, for various purposes, including privacy, sun protection, and decoration. They are available in different types, such as frosted, tinted, and decorative patterns, and can serve multiple functions depending on the specific film chosen.

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Sinyalis – Interior Signage

Interior signs made of glass are stylish and modern additions to any space. They are crafted from glass materials and can be transparent or frosted, depending on the desired level of privacy or aesthetics. These signs are typically used in offices, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial or public spaces.

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